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"Quite simply, Michele Ferrari is one of the best coaches and training facilitators I've ever hired. She has an amazing ability to quickly identify the key issues and recommend a course of action that addresses both the talent and business implications. And equally importantly, she engages employees at all levels and empowers them as committed and eager participants. Michele recognizes and enables high performance. She consistently delivers top results and good value. She is a true business partner."     - Cheryl Fry, CBC 

"Michele has a unique ability to quickly cut to the heart of an issue or problem. Her coaching encourages people to first look at themselves introspectively before pointing the finger elsewhere. She encourages people to become more self-aware of their own behaviours and through this journey become stronger leaders and more effective collaborators. Combine these qualities with her own executive leadership experience in significant operating roles and Michele will challenge your perceptions on the value of coaching."     - Michael Richardson

"Michele has an amazing gift of seeing through a tough, complex situation, personal or business, and asking the right questions so that you are able to see things more clearly and articulate the answer already within you. It’s not always the answer you want but it is always the answer that is aligned with your values, goals and character. Her coaching ensures you will live in alignment with your vision and values – and realize that work and personal life are interconnected. Michele’s approach will give you a solid foundation to tackle all of life’s challenges – where are you at today? Where do you want to get to? Then what do you need to do to get there while honouring your values? Michele has had a great impact on our ability to communicate throughout our organization. She has pushed me personally to be my best."     - Financial Executive

"Without Michele’s guidance, patience and skills, I definitely would not be on the path I am on today. When I first started working with Michele she spoke about possibilities and showing up as one’s best self. I did not understand initially what that meant until I achieved my first self-realization moment. Once I had that moment, it was clear to me that my possibilities were endless and I was not trapped in a never ending routine. BSOFO. Michele adopted this but I firmly believe it applies to everyone whether they realize it or not."     - Anonymous

"To say that Michele can make a meaningful impact on an organization is an understatement. Leadership is more important than ever before and she has that rare ability to help teams and individuals step up and unlock their full potential. Personally, when she was my boss, she pushed me to achieve things I never thought I could. This meant my contribution to the company increased tenfold and I reached meaningful career goals. I recommend her without hesitation."     - Stephanie Wilson-Chapin, Bell Media

"Forthright, compassionate and highly intuitive, Michele Ferrari has helped me begin to shape the life I want to lead, rather than having a life that was leading me. She started as my career coach, but quickly morphed into much more than that, helping me shed entrenched anxieties and practice a more positive, constructive approach to life. If you’re looking for someone to pat you on the back and agree with everything you say, Michele might not be for you. If you’re looking for someone to actually help you change your life for the better, then Michele is definitely the right choice."     - Anonymous

"Michele has aided Gearwerx in gaining clarity and focus on what type of organization it wants to be. She has provided the guidance for us to be disciplined in our decisions and the follow-through to make certain we stay true to this crucial path. The results have been effective business planning, incredible team development and a personal foundation of authenticity in all relationships. The work has been a game changer and we can’t wait for more to come."     - Adam Starr, Gearwerx

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