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leadership transformation

We don't create leaders, we transform them, allowing them to access their full potential.

organizational alignment

Where are you going as a company and WHY? Do your employees know? Do they understand?


Sales success isn’t about the economy or environment. It’s about focus.

strategic facilitation

Strategy is good. Outcome oriented strategy is spectacular. Spectacular drives results.



Michele has always believed that one individual can be the catalyst for monumental change and that, with the right attitude, anything is possible. Michele has had many highlights throughout her career, from being the first female ever to be hired for the factory floor by IKO industries, to building a mid-sized travel firm into an organization recognized as one of the 50 Best Employers in Canada. Perhaps one of her most memorable accomplishments was coaching Canada’s 2010 Olympic team on how to have a gold medal life. 


Michele is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a certified administrator of The Leadership Circle Profile. With over 20 years of leadership and communication experience her direct, often humorous style has earned her rave reviews from clients all over North America.


Our objective is to influence and inspire people to live and work in a way that guarantees not only their personal and professional satisfaction but also makes a contribution to the world we all share.



"Quite simply, Michele Ferrari is one of the best coaches and training facilitators I've ever hired. She has an amazing ability to quickly identify the key issues and recommend a course of action that addresses both the talent and business implications."

- Cheryl Fry, CBC

- Financial Executive

"Michele has an amazing gift of seeing through a tough, complex situation, personal or business, and asking the right questions…Her coaching ensures you will live in alignment with your vision and values and realize that work and personal life are interconnected."





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