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Mexico ahhh..

This year I made the decision to travel to Mexico for a month. Upside of the pandemic, my clients no longer need or want my presence in their office. So off I went to Mexico to test the waters for running my business from abroad.

Long story short, easy! With the obvious added benefits of sun and surf. And an unexpected benefit …insight.

Insight into self. As a coach, I am extremely good at providing insight into others. And I am usually decent at providing insight for myself. But like all of us, sometimes I get stuck and round and round I go. Now if you are one of my clients at this stage you can hear me whispering, you’re not stuck, you ALWAYS have the answer, you just need to get quiet. And yes, I know you swear at me under your breath.

Which brings me to Wordle. Are any of you playing? The daily word game feels like the TIKTOK feta and tomatoes of brain games!

So, there I was trying to get the word of the day, the 5th attempt I had 4 of the 5 letters…and I could not get the word. Let me paint this for you, 4 of 5 letters in the RIGHT spot! I looked at the non-greyed-out letters available to me and none of them worked. “I can’t get the word” I whined. “None of these letters work” I argued. “Do I know the word?” I lamentingly asked my friend.

So as any good friend does, he begrudgingly wanders over and looks over my shoulder. “Yes, you know the word!” “How about you use the yellow letter that has already been identified!” You know the letter that shows up yellow to indicate it’s the right letter in the wrong spot. Turns out I had identified all 5 letters and I was simply overlooking one of them. Well, there it was…MOUNT. Well, this very dear friend starts to laugh and poke. "There you go, the answer is right in front of you, and you decide to make it hard. Ignore the obvious!” After a few choice expletives, I looked at him and laughed my head off.

Isn’t that the truth, the answer is right there, easy access, EASY. And I engage my default pattern of …HARD!

I love a good friend who will reflect back to you, an insight that you already know and just need to be reminded of. We always know…we just have to look at what is right in front of us.

And for all my clients, this is my gift to you, needing to swallow a bit of my own medicine.

You’re welcome!


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