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Are leaders born or made?

I'm often asked, are leaders born or made? Don't hate me but the answer is both.

Whether you were born a leader, or are attempting to learn leadership skills, start with a simple question: How do I define GREAT LEADERSHIP?

By answering this question, you are creating focus and intention! And with focus we increase our positive impact. So many of us roll with the day-to-day and deal with what comes at us instead of creating the outcomes we want. Soooo, what is great you? What adjectives would you choose if you knew you could embody them?












Oh man, I could go on and on and on. But the point here is, what are your words; what is your vision (I know, I know, I use that word a lot) of great leadership? Whether you are evolving your leadership skills or developing new skills, the answer to this question will guide you through the toughest circumstances.

Step two: Ask yourself what specific behaviours you need to embody or practice to make your definition of leadership true. Especially when you least feel like it - meaning when you are frustrated, angry, disappointed…and, the one we all like to avoid…afraid. It is at these moments that being conscious of desired leadership impact is most important. In these circumstances, choosing behaviours instead of going with automatic response behaviours will have the biggest impact on your leadership legacy. I call these times, choice point moments.

Articulating one's personal definition of great leadership can be as hard as running a marathon but even more rewarding. Try it...I dare you.


P.S. Here are some easy steps to defining your personal leadership values!

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