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It's 2019: Now what?

So, we are back to work. Odds are the first couple of days were difficult or at a minimum not met with joyous enthusiasm. And before we know it we are back into the routine. And looking forward to ...?

What are you looking forward to? What event or outcome in the future weeks and months are you waiting for with bated breath? Are you eagerly anticipating the warmth of spring? Are you going on a special holiday in the summer? A purchase of a house or car in the fall? Achieving a year-end sales target or EBITDA?

Now let me ask you WHY? Why are you looking forward to these things, these events?Surprise! It isn’t the thing or event that you are anticipating. It is the feeling that you believe is associated with the thing or event. The spring will make you feel light and free. The summer holiday will make you feel happy and relaxed. The house or car will make you feel accomplished and successful as will nailing those sales targets and earnings.

In case the word feeling is too granola or intangible for you, denotes that synonyms for feeling are awareness and belief. Feel free to substitute! See what I did there? 🤭

Here is the most powerful tip I can offer you for reaching your full potential in 2019:

Articulate the feeling that you believe all your “to do’s “ and your “hows “ will create. Spend a little more time on the what and a little less time on the how. We tend to get so caught up in the specificity of the how, that sometimes we miss the detours that will deliver us directly to the feeling that all of our busyness is chasing!

When I say “articulate”, I mean write it down!! Make it real; give it some heft. Make the intangible tangible by getting conscious to what you really want and why! Before you jump into your tasks and busy routine, spend some time on why you’re doing what you’re doing. Reconnect to the plot line. This is not a days and weeks exercise. I’m talking about minutes. Ten, 15 or even 30 if you are a high achiever.

Now post it somewhere. Make it your screen saver, put it in a frame on your desk or post it on the good old fridge; anywhere that you will consistently see it and be reminded of what you are really chasing.

And thus we enter 2019 with a new practice, a new way of being that will help you achieve all you ever dared to imagine, whether it be 300% growth for your company, a fancy purchase, sheltering the homeless or, you and happiness.😳

Happy New Year all!

Let’s have a blast!

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