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What do you want?

In my coaching practice I always begin with the same question: What do you want?

Inevitably, the answers I get are less about WHAT people want and more about HOW they want the journey to look. The HOW monologue also includes a lot of description on what they don’t want. And those types of answers keep people exactly where they don’t want to be!

This year has been filled with people trying to control the narrative. What we don't want with Trump, what we don’t want with the pandemic, what we don’t want with the economy. The cacophony of voices is at an all-time high because we have so many new mediums with which to share our thoughts. And we are all shouting over each other, negating one another, looking for the flaw in the plan, the action, the party, organization, the person.

And where has this gotten us? More frustration, more sadness, more rage, more blame, MORE FEAR.

When we focus on what we do want, specifically how we want to FEEL, and release the control of how we are going to get there, where there was only one path before, many paths appear.

This week, more than ever, it is important for ALL OF US, regardless of nationality, gender, race, economic stature, sexual orientation, colour, to intensely focus on what we do want. The collective energy we produce together is more important than most of us believe.

For me that means I will be getting intentional and conscious to the specifics of what I want for myself and for all mankind.

I want healing. I want community. I want peace. I want understanding. I want acceptance. I want equality. I want economic prosperity. I want empathy. I want all of us to have access to food, shelter, jobs, self-worth. I want us all to personally recognize the potential that lies within each of us and to experience each day with a celebration of our uniqueness and contribution. I want health and wellness. I want to live in a world where my neighbour will help me and where I will help my neighbour. I want to live in anticipation of goodness and kindness and yes, LOVE.

Today and tomorrow I ask you to get intentional. What do you want for yourself and this world? Then go out and act accordingly.

Peace be with you and with us all.



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